MCServer - A Custom Minecraft Server

MCServer is a custom Minecraft server, written completely in C++. It's designed to be a fast, lightweight, awesome and easy to use replacement for the original server.

Below, you can download the current version for your operating system. MCServer supports Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD. If your platform is not listed, then there is probably a bug to add compatibility or your operating system is too obscure.

Download Executables

Linux 32-bit
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Linux 64-bit
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Windows 32-bit
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Macintosh 64-bit
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Raspbian Hard Float
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Raspbian Soft Float
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Download Source Code

MCServer is an Open-Source project, and thus you can always download the latest version from our GitHub repository and compile the binaries yourself.
See GitHub repository for compiling instructions
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Source Code Download Zip
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GitHub for Windows Clone
Use this link if you have GitHub for Windows installed.
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Git Clone Address
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